Introducing the Queerily Ever After Book Club…

Long time no see sweet friends! Apologies for the extended absence from the blog- in case you didn’t know, we’re still in a panorama and life is…difficult. But I have some sunny news!

If you follow me on Instagram, this isn’t a surprise or a secret BUT in January, I started a book club!

I started the Queerily Ever After Book Club because I selfishly needed a place where I could talk about and experience unfettered queer joy, and I felt like others could use the same (especially after 2020). I absolutely adore book clubs and I wanted one I could enjoy and that I didn’t have to do as part of my librarian job. I’ve truly been blown away by the support this club has received thus far.

This book club has been full of fun learning curves- the first being how we could meet! Thanks to group participants, we’re having chats over on our Instagram (queerilyeverafterbc), on our Twitter (qeabookclub), and on our Discord server! We’ve even moved from being bimonthly to chatting about a particular book one month, books on a certain topic the next, and repeat.

Our first book club selection was Camp by L.C. Rosen, which ended up being the sunshine-y read I needed to lift my winter blues and reading slump. I ended up also having the pleasure of chatting with both Mel at the Shelf Acceptance podcast (shelf.acceptance) and the author himself L.C. Rosen (levacrosen) about this book and it was easily one of the favorite things I have ever gotten to do, bookish or not!

Last month, thanks to the brilliant minds over at The Bookstagays Podcast Sam (staxsonstaxs) and Alex (thebookadvocate), we chatted about one of the most ubiquitous themes or tropes in queer literature: found families. We were able to talk not only about our own found families, but also those families we wish we could join in fictional stories and why we love this trope so much.

This month I had selected the theme of “queers in space” and five graphic novels that fit the theme, and book club members decided which one! So we are reading On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden and I cannot wait to return to this story, these illustrations, and these characters- it’s one of my favorites that I read for the Comic-a-Thon a few years ago!

I hope you’ll consider joining the club- all are welcome! You don’t have to identify as queer, you don’t have to come every month or contribute to every discussion- there’s no pressure and we’d love to have you to talk about beautiful queer joy.

I think that’s about it on the book club but you know where to find me if you have questions! Until next time pals…

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