Small Businesses to Shop this Holiday Season

It’s no secret that this year has been difficult for all of us- from separation from friends, family, and loved ones to lost income and illness and death, 2020 has not dealt any of us a particularly kind hand. Amongst the hardest hit this year has been small businesses, while large conglomerates like Amazon rose exponentially…I’ll save my rant for shopping Amazon for a different date and time, but suffice it to say that small businesses need our help this holiday season!

Thankfully over the past couple of years on Bookstagram and input from awesome people like you, I’ve compiled 31 small businesses you can support this holiday season. I’ve broken them down by type of goods, and I hope you find some new places to spend your money!

Those with asterisks (*) are ones I’ve supported and promote, others are ones you suggested!

Accessories & Embroidery

Critically Enraged*

My pal Cynthia runs this shop that’s full of fun, vibrant embroidery goods! She’s even adding some coloring sheets and options so you DON’T want to miss out this season!

The Dainty Squid

The Dainty Squid shop (and blog) is run by Kaylah, a handy Ohioan who is currently remodeling at 150-year-old home! Stop by her shop for cute face masks and stop by her blog for lifestyle tips and more.

HMS Textiles

Looking for a cute pouch or facemask to gift a friend or loved one? Look no farther than HMS Textiles! And you can have peace of mind because every item is made with eco-friendly materials made of reclaimed and sustainable materials- a win for you and a win for the environment!


Blade & Brush*

My wonderful pal Amanda runs this gorgeous store, which is full of apparel, bookmarks, jewelry, and more for the avid reader, social justice warrior, or those who simply love great design!

The Happy Letter Collective*

The incomparable and wonderful Mari owns this shop full of beautiful book-ish apparel and mugs for the fed-up realist in all of us!

Mollie’s Digital Studio*

My sweet friend and #HEAYourWayBINGO collaborator Mollie just opened this gorgeous store, full of shirts and mugs for every kind of reader in your life!

Out of Print*

Is Out of Print considered a small business? Probably not, but I have been o b s e s s e d with their goods for the better part of 7 years and I won’t stop now- many of the shirts you see me sporting on my feed come from this awesome shop (which gives books to those in need with each purchase)!

Queen Bee Reads Shop*

Artist, BookTuber, and fellow romance devotee Megan has added another thing to her list of accomplishments- small business QUEEN! Her shop is a clothing haven for romance readers, book nerds, and pop culture enthusiasts- and she’s adding more things weekly!


Looking for a classy book-ish scarf, or cute gloves to keep your fingers warm while digging into a good book? Storiarts has all the cute apparel needs for amateur book lovers to super readers!

Bigger Print

My girl Maddie, aka the Clairvoyant Cowgirl, has made a triumphant return to Etsy this holiday season with t-shirt designs with all the bookish fandom friends in your life!

Art, Bookmarks, & More


Looking for hand-drawn bookmarks? In love with holographics? Can’t get enough of Disney? Then my oh my, BookmarkMyHeart is for YOU and all the people in your life πŸ™‚

Emily Cromwell Designs

For those who love color and gorgeous design, Emily Cromwell and her store are a perfect match! From coloring pages to apparel to address labels, Emily has you and your loved ones’ Christmas lists covered!

Hannah Templer*

Will I every shut up about how much I love Hannah Templer or her graphic novel Cosmoknights? That would be a big ol’ no, but a way you can support her (and adorn your walls) is by checking out her print shop, full of gorgeous designs and stills from Cosmoknights!

Justine Gilbuena

In need of a cozy hug this year? Check out Justine Gilbuena’s shop, full of warm prints, precious pins, and all the cozy scenes you can handle!

Maia Kobabe*

Is Maia Kobabe my hero? Yes, yes e are! E has re-opened eir Etsy shop just in time for the holidays, so scoop up illustrations, comics, and zines of eirs while you can!

Quinton Creations*

I have been a rep for Quinton Creations since they opened their store, and Ben and Becca put so much hard work and energy into their creations! From prints to bookmarks to stickers to customs, they do it ALL and they do it WELL- in fact they did my logo for my blog.

(also you can use the code QUINN20 at check out to get a discount AND to get my rep exclusive sticker FOR FREE on your order)

Super Group Hugs*

I saw Super Group Hugs at my first ever C2E2 and I’ve been obsessed with their pop culture hugging prints since! They come out with new ones all the time so keep an eye on the site for the TV and movie lovers in your life!

Book Sleeves

Ardent Admirations

In need of a book sleeve, a kindle pouch, or a face mask? Lucky for you, Ardent Admirations has all three! Jessica consistently updates the shop with new stock so keep an eye out for the perfect print.

Happy Go Lovely Sleeves*

I first learned of Rachel’s sleeves last year when looking for a gift for my mom for Christmas, and I was blown away with what I received! Rachel’s sleeves are not only gorgeous, but they are padded for full safety AND have a convenient pocket for bookmarks, pens, and styluses. It also helps that she’s an absolutely wonderful person too πŸ™‚

Literary Creations by Jenny*

Full disclosure: I was a rep for Jenny in the summer and working with her was so lovely! She’s a fellow Illinois gal bringing cute book sleeves, fun bookmarks, and beautiful shirts your way AND you can get a custom sleeve from her (it’s true- I got sloths in space and I couldn’t love it more!).


Book of the Wick

Want some candles to help you escape into the worlds of your favorite books or fandoms? Book of the Wick has you covered- with shipping to Canada, US, New Zealand, and Australia, you can gift candles to friends and family around the world!

From the Page*

From the Page produces easily some of my favorite candles that run the gambit of bookish and seasonal scents! Do yourself a favor and check out the current scents and sample boxes for yourself or a loved one this holiday!

Frostbeard Studios*

Frostbeard was the first bookish candle company I tried and I quickly fell in love with their signature and seasonal scents- and lucky for those in the Minneapolis area, you can shop their flagship store IN PERSON!

Novelly Yours*

I was introduced to Novelly Yours by their collab with one of my favorite bookstores, Love’s Sweet Arrow! Fall in love with their candles that run the gambit of bookish scents and stay for the gorgeous candle art too.

Pins, Keychains, & More

Carve the Moon Designs*

Carve the Moon is run by my grad school pal Emily and is full of planetary stickers and key chains, as well as manga and fandom items- I’m constantly in awe of her handiwork!

My Secret Copy*

I was pulled into My Secret Copy’s web with the release of her coveted Arthur Library Card pin, and I’m not o b s e s s e d with her whole store (seriously, multiple items make an appearance on my Christmas list!) Check out her shop of gorgeous book goodies!

Odd Sprout

For fans of My Secret Copy, she also has a shop dedicated to all things Disney, villain, and Halloween- and it’s JUST as perfect πŸ™‚

Pinned with Starlight

I am a sucker for enamel pins so when someone mentioned this shop, I had to check it out and WOWEE did I fall in love with Keiley’s pins, stickers, and bookmarks- I definitely plan on hitting up her shop for gifts (more realistically for myself than others).

TBR Cards

The incomparable Jesse from @bowtiesandbooks graced us with their famous TBR cards available for purchase! If you’ve got an indecisive reader in your life, this is the PERFECT holiday gift.

Self Care & Consumables

Beth Kaya

It’s no big secret that 2020 has been rough on all of us- for our physical health, our emotional health, and our mental health. Check out Beth Kaya’s shop to provide some self care to yourself or someone you love.

Fable Grounds Coffee

While I’m not a coffee drinker, I know many people in my life (and in yours) who are! Fable Grounds has been hyped by so many of my friends so check out their awesome selection for the caffeine hounds in your life today.

I hope you choose to patronize one (or more…or all) of these stores this holiday season! Not only do they make great products, but they are members of communities where your purchases will make a big impact!

Have a shop I didn’t mention that you love? End up purchasing something from one of these stores? Sound off in the comments below!

Until next time..

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