My Must-Buy/Must-Check Out Authors

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all my US friends, and happy weekend to all my friends around the world (though really all weekends feel long now…)! I thought I’d kick off this long weekend with a deep dive into my must-buy/must-check out authors. If any of these ten authors come out with books, it’s guaranteed I will pre-order or place it on hold without even learning what it’s about! While most are YA or romance authors, they run the gambit of genre and format and all have a little special place in my heart. Included in the photos are their books I have read, not their entire catalog, so if you have questions about a certain book I’d be happy to answer!

Without further ado, meet my list of hall of fame authors:

Libba Bray

One might say that Libba Bray is my first author love. After reading A Great and Terrible Beauty as a young teen, I knew I couldn’t miss her work (even if I feel she enjoys making her readers suffer a little too much…you know what you did Libba). The Diviners is hands-down one of my favorite series of all time, and I always recommend Libba’s writing because her books have a way of incorporating a myriad of genres, techniques, and tropes to appeal to all readers.

Also no, I haven’t read King of Crows yet and if y’all spoil me I will RIOT.

David Grann

Something you might not know about me is that when I was in college, I was a history major so I know what dry history sounds and reads like…and David Grann’s writing is not that. He somehow finds a way to make history and injustice come alive in his work- it’s the peak of narrative nonfiction for me. While I haven’t read his entire backlist, I know that it will captivate me the same way The Lost City of Z and Killers of the Flower Moon did.

Talia Hibbert

Okay I know what you’re thinking- will Quinn ever shut up about Talia Hibbert? Well my friends, the resounding answer is NO! I first was introduced to her work after being approved to read Get a Life, Chloe Brown on Netgalley early last year…little did I know that that book would change my life and would be my favorite book the year. Talia’s committment to inclusion in romance is refreshing and so needed in the genre so now if she pens it, you better believe I’m going to pick it up

Claire Kann

I’ve said it before, but Claire Kann’s book Let’s Talk About Love was the first book with an ace MC that I read and one of the first times I’ve had my sexuality authentically and prominently represented on the page. From there I was hooked, and then last summer she gave me the plus-size role model Winnie and I knew Claire Kann would have me on the hook for ANYTHING she would ever write. Not only are her books inclusive in terms of sexuality and body postivity, but they are just so dang accessible for readers. Seriously, I love her and I need her to know that haha.

Christina Lauren

I, like the rest of Romancelandia on bookstagram, am obsessed with Christina Lauren. It started with Dating You/Hating You, and this writing duo has rarely disappointed me since. Their compulsively run and readable rom coms call to me like siren songs and I always have their newest placed on hold at the library because I know they will entertain me and make me swoon!

Sandhya Menon

Where do I even begin with Sandhya? Her books envelope me like a warm hug, and I never want it to let me go! Her YA rom coms run the gambit of tropes and backgrounds and I rarely want to put them down when reading (especially my personal fave There’s Something About Sweetie!). Not only is she a talented author, but she is a kind human and I will WITHOUT DOUBT pick up anything she comes out with (as evidenced by me currently having Of Curses and Kisses checked out from my library and 10 Thing I Hate About Pinky waiting in my Netgalley).

Stephanie Perkins

I was late to the Anna and the French Kiss train, but once I was aboard…I was never getting off (thanks Michelle from grad school- you knew what you were talking about)! I appreciate Stephanie’s writing (and swoon-worthy romances), but I also appreciate her frankness about anxiety and mental health. Between her Anna series, editing of romance short story collections, and There’s Someone Inside Your House, I feel she has something for everyone!

Sally Thorne

I read The Hating Game and my life was changed.

Okay maybe not that dramatic, but that book introduced me to Sally Thorne and by god, I haven’t looked back! Her ability to write witty, banter-filled romances hooked me from page one and if she releases a book, I’m there first in line! And yes, I can’t wait for The Hating Game film!!!

Magdalene Visaggio

I was introduced to Magdalene’s work by impulsively picking up the first volume in her Kim & Kim series…and after finishing it, I was sold. From there I’ve been slowly making my way through her catalog, loving her imagination and inclusive narratives, and especially enjoying when she teams up with Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre! She’s a comics visionary and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Jen Wang

I was introduced to Jen’s work with her award-winning The Prince and the Dressmaker and it BOWLED me away- seriously, I cried so hard when I finished it. Her artwork is so colorful and beautiful, and her stories are so magical, that I don’t know how anyone could help but fall in love with her work. I mean, I can’t do it justice with my words but suffice it to say if Jen publishes something, I will be there for it!

Who are the authors you’ll always support by buying or checking out their books? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time friends!

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