Meet the Bookstagrammer: @CompulsiveReadersBlog

Somehow friends, we made it to another Friday! What a week it’s been…but I’m happy to bring some semblance of normalcy to your week with a Meet the Bookstagrammer post! Today I have the pleasure of talking with Elysse with @compulsivereadersblog 🙂

Elysse has such amazing taste in books, and it’s clear how much she loves supporting her community! I’ve been wanting to interview her for some time, so check out our chat below!

Why did you decide to start a bookstagram?

I was posting all of my books on my personal instagram and I figured my friends from high school and college probably didn’t care what I was reading LOL! And quite honestly, I didn’t really care about what they were up to either, I really wanted to engage with a community of people who also liked to read. I had just moved to Dayton, and didn’t really know anyone, so I was searching for a bookish community!

A lot of people choose their username to include their name, but you didn’t (and I love it)! What was the thought process behind your username/blog title?

I’m honestly not sure! I just kind of went with it! My dad always called me impulsive and compulsive when I was younger, both of which are pretty accurate. I’m also a big advocate for mental health, so I think including the word “compulsive” that sometimes has a negative connotation because of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) was kind of my way of taking back the word to give it a positive spin!

What does your ideal day look like (think of Miss Congeniality ;))?

Wake up, put on semi-acceptable clothing, head to the nearest coffee shop for a vanilla latte and choice of pastry, read and take bookish photos, go for a bike ride, walk the dog, lounge with my little family 🙂

[blogger note: what a small luxury it is now to be able to go out in public… 😦 ]

What is your first book-related memory, and/or your favorite books as a kid?

There’s a video my mom has of me at age 2 or 3 where I am sitting on my little child-size couch reading aloud. Of course, I didn’t know how to read, but I would have my mom read the same books to me over and over again until I had memorized them and then I would pretend to read them back to my stuffed animals. I loved playing library, and going to the library with my dad.

The first book I remember loving was called Stone Soup – arguably why I probably love historical fiction because it was about the revolution LOL!

I know you love to shop for books (and other cute local goods), so what is your favorite bookstore or book-related place?

Joseph Beth in Cincinnati is my absolute favorite, but I also love finding new places when I travel! My sister-in-law lives in NYC, so when I’m there of course I hit up The Strand, but I also really love Three Lives and Co, a much smaller indie bookshop in Manhattan. Great bookstores are everywhere! We went to Charleston, WV for a wedding, a city that’s quite small and not necessarily known for being bookish, and we found Taylor Books! It was so amazing. I love stumbling across a good bookstore 🙂 not sure my husband loves it – I tend to lollygag! LOL!

When you’re not reading, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love being outside and walking or riding my bike! I also love to dance and have dance classes that I go to during the week (which are currently online)! I also have been playing a LOT of Animal Crossing during this quarantine!

You’ve had some really awesome partnerships go on during your time on bookstagram! What have been some of your favorite companies/products to work with?

I love working with Avid Reader Press! They have some really great nonfiction reads, and are adding novels to their list! I just really enjoy working with them!

I also partner with, which I love because they help me to support local independent booksellers through audiobook sales! Audiobooks are great for when I’m on walks, or working around the house! rocks!

This is a weird question, but I live my life as if I have an awesome movie soundtrack going on in the background. If your life was a movie and had a soundtrack, what would your entrance song be?

Oh I love this! Like your walkup song in baseball-I always ask my husband that each baseball season.

As of right now, I think mine would be Billie Ellish, “you should see me in a crown”. I just love that song! And also, you SHOULD see me in a crown.

Okay, back to bookstagram! I don’t know about you, but I’ve found some pretty great books through my fellow bookstagrammers! What are your favorite books that you’ve found?

Ahh I love a good #bookstagrammademedoit! I think my favorite is anything Riley Sager! Thrillers kind of freak me out, but I love a good suspenseful mystery, and I never had head of Riley prior to bookstagram. It really opened me to the thriller genre and now I love his work – and thrillers!

I know in my year so far on bookstagram that I’ve grown some pet peeves- do you have any bookstagram pet peeves and if so, what are they?

I hate when people say: “a lot of people have asked me” or talk on their stories as if their followers are their fans. Like hey, we aren’t famous! We are supposed to be supporting one another!

I also don’t like when people try and get a lot of followers, but don’t follow back. Again, we aren’t famous! Followers are not fans! They are friends! 🙂

While obviously there’s some negatives of bookstagram, it’s also an amazing community of people. What is/are your favorite thing(s) about bookstagram?

I love the support I get from my fellow booklovers and just being able to talk to other bookish people! Bonding over books is the best!

What advice do you have for bookstagram newbies?

HAVE FUN! Don’t worry about follower counts, or taking the best photos. Just have fun and the rest will fall into place 🙂 authenticity is key!

I know this is probably an impossible question BUT I’m still going to ask you: (to you), what makes a great book/read?

When I don’t know what’s going to happen next! I love creative stories that I can’t anticipate!

I also love unique, oddly specific characters 🙂

And finally, what are you currently reading?!

I’m currently reading (and loving!) Beach Read by Emily Henry!

Elysse is a true treat to follow not only for her beautiful photos,but for her book recommendations! Visit and follow her on instagram here – you truly won’t regret it!

Until next time!

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