Meet the Bookstagrammer: @QuirkyBibliophile

It’s another Friday, so it’s time for one of my favorite things I get to do on the blog: a Meet the Bookstagrammer post šŸ™‚ Today I have the distinct pleasure of chatting with Dai from @quirkybibliophile!

Dai, like me, is a YA lit enthusiast and his photos are incredible creative and eye-catching! I met him because we both participated in a #busybitchesbookswap and he absolutely spoiled me and sent the most amazing stuff! He’s incredibly kind and cool, and without further ado, here’s our fun dialogue!

Why did you decide to start a bookstagram, then an awesome blog? What came first?

My bookstagram and my blog both came about on the same day actually. I have always wanted to start a blog but would always wonder what it was that I enjoyed enough to blog about and not have it feel like extra work. I had planned on attending the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books last year for the first time since I was finally free that weekend; unfortunately, my body had other plans and I couldn’t attend. It was the fear of missing out that propelled me to start my blog and bookstagram.

A lot of people choose their username to include their name, but you didn’t! What was the thought process behind your username/blog title?

When reading about bookish blogs and bookstagram a tip that I came across several times was to use adjectives that describe yourself in the username and I thought well weird comes to mind. Now I didn’t want my username to have the word weird so I went to a thesaurus and found unconventional and quirky, I felt those both perfectly captured me at my essence so I put them together and of course needed a book related word so bibliophile fit perfectly.

What is your first book-related memory, and/or your favorite books as a kid?

The first book related memory that I have is going to the library with my mom every Saturday and struggling to carry home all the books that I had checked out. We had a table in my bedroom that just always had a stack of books on it that I was reading.

What is your favorite bookstore or book-related place?

I will always love Barnes and Noble but I don’t have a favorite bookstore or book related place because I’m more interested in going to new places each time, so I rarely frequent one bookstore. I do love the bookstore that is within the student store at my work though.

I know that you, like me, love YA! What are some of your favorite YA books of the past few years?

For 2019 my favorites would be The Grief Keeper by Alexandra Villasante, I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver, Cursed by Karol Ruth Silverstein, and Ziggy, Stardust, and Me by James Brandon.

Prior to that, I’ve loved any book by Z Brewer, Soul Screamer series, and Divergent series.

Besides reading, what are your favorite things to do in your free time?

This is a tough question: who am I outside of my books? I love watching Hulu. Netflix, etc. shows including Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, Manifest, Big Mouth, 13 Reasons Why, and so much more. I also love exploring new places in my neighborhood. 

This is a weird question, I know, but I live my life as if I have an awesome movie soundtrack going on in the background. If your life was a movie and had a soundtrack, what would your entrance song be?

I always hated this question because I never had a response to it until very recently. I think my entrance song would be “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman.

Okay, back to bookstagram! I don’t know about you, but I’ve found some pretty great books through my fellow bookstagrammers! What are your favorite books that you’ve found through bookstagram?

I was introduced to so many because of other bookstagrammers, and my faves would have to be Ziggy, Stardust, and Me, How Not to Die Alone, and Midnight at Chernobyl.

While obviously there’s some negatives of bookstagram, it’s also an amazing community of people. What is/are your favorite thing(s) about bookstagram?

I love how welcoming everyone really is, like I’m always worried when I try to join a community that I just won’t fit in and find my place but with bookstagram it was like I already had a place. I love that everyone is open to speaking with people about books regardless of their follower count.

What advice do you have for bookstagram/book blog newbies?

Talk to others on whatever platform you are using! Don’t be afraid because of their follower count- most of us all want to make friends. Most importantly, make sure that you are enjoying your blog/bookstagram because once you think about creating for others and not yourself it feels like a chore.

I know this is probably an impossible question BUT I’m still going to ask you: (to you), what makes a great book/read?

In order for a book to get a 5 star rating in my eyes it needs to have a lasting impact beyond the pages. If a book can make me cry or feel a range of emotions as I’m reading, then chances are I’ll say it’s a great read.

[blogger note: SAAAAAME- it’s all about those emotions that books evoke!]

And finally, what are you currently reading?!

So many things, audiobook-My Squirrel Days, e-book-The Gravity of Us, and physical book- Love and Other Curses and High Fire.

Dai is such a wonderful force in our bookstagram community, so do me a favor and hop on over to Instagram and follow him here, and go to his blog and check out all his amazing content!

Until next time!

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