Meet the Bookstagrammer: @BiggerPrint

The Meet the Bookstagrammer blog series is back this week with an incredible bookstagrammer who is far cooler than I could EVER aspire to be, Madeline over at @biggerprint!

Are you a fantasy reader? If so, you HAVE to follow Madeline! Not only does she have great taste in books (and I’m not even a fantasy fan!), but her art is gorgeous and runs the pop culture gambit! I’m so ridiculously honored that she agreed to have a chat with me and without further ado, here it is!

Why did you decide to start a bookstagram, then a seriously cute store? Which came first?

I started a bookstagram back in January of last year (it’s almost my bookstagram-aversary!) mostly because I wanted to start posting specifically about my love for reading. I didn’t think my personal IG was the place for that, so biggerprint was born! My store came a bit later. I started incorporating my art into my posts and some of the incredible and supportive friends I had made encouraged me to open a shop to share my art in an affordable way. By no means am I in it for the money, so I chose to keep my bookstagram the main focus of my account with my shop as an added bonus!

A lot of people choose their username to include their name, but you didn’t-what was the thought process behind your username?

While I try to read a wide variety of books, I mostly read Young Adult. My sweet, silly husband liked to joke with me that YA books were easier to read because the print was so much bigger than adult books. I embraced it. I thought, yep that’s me! I read bigger print!

What does your ideal day look like (think Miss Congeniality ;))?  

My ideal day consists of cuddling with my fur babies, eating sweets, and drawing/painting with an audiobook playing in the background. (Or the Hamilton soundtrack!)

What is your first book-related memory, and/or your favorite books as a kid?

I LOVED to read as a kid, and because my name is Madeline I had lots of Madeline books and toys. I was Madeline for Halloween 3 years in a row and had a small brown stuffed dog I named Genevieve. Aside with my obsession with Madeline, my grandmother used to record herself reading for me and my cousins to listen to. I had anxiety as a wee one, and I remember listening to her tapes and feeling safe and soothed. When she had great grand kids, she re recorded herself onto CD’s that I still have to this day. Even after she is gone, she lives on through her Mother Westwind “Why” Stories. After she passed, I got her original copy of Mother Westwind that she read from. It is my favorite and most treasured book I own.

What is your favorite bookstore or book-related place?

As much as I wish I weren’t, I’m a buyer, not a borrower. So bookstores are like Disneyland to me. I could spend an entire day in Barnes and Noble alone. In Albuquerque where I live, the libraries here aren’t as glorious as I’ve seen other places. We have a couple locally owned bookstores that I love supporting. Outside of ABQ, I have found lots of other independent bookstores during our travels that I have really liked. One of my favorites was the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, AZ. 

This is going to sound weird, but you give me serious tattoo envy! I only have two but yours are a real work of art! How many tattoos do you have, and which one(s) are your favorite?

Thank you! I would love to be covered, but dang tattoos are expensive. (And they HURT, whoever says they don’t are LIARS.) One of my favorites is the pug on my left inner arm, it’s my sweet baby Gus. I also have a crow with a “No Mourners No Funerals” banner coming from his beak that I got last year after reading Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I would love to get more bookish tattoos in the future!

[blogger note: they indeed hurt and are so expensive- I’m so indecisive so that’s why I only have two! I wish I could come up with an idea for a sleeve (and obviously make enough for that haha]

Your designs are seriously breathtaking- what inspires your creative process?!

Thank you, I can’t express how appreciative I am of this community who hypes and supports me. Books have most recently been very inspiring to me and my art. Bookstagram has also inspired me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. From custom artworks to reps who have great ideas for bookmarks, I am never in a place where I don’t have inspiration. 

I imagine my life as being accompanied by a pretty cool movie soundtrack so I gotta ask: if your life was a movie and had a soundtrack, what would your entrance song be?

I am such a sucker for Miley Cyrus (I even walked down the aisle to one of her songs!) So I have to say my entrance would be “We Can’t Stop” or “Wrecking Ball”.

Okay, back to bookstagram! I don’t know about you, but I’ve found some pretty great books through my fellow bookstagrammers! What are your favorite books that you’ve found through bookstagram?

There are A LOT. I met some wonderful gals on booksta that I started a podcast (Let’s Talk About Text Baby, Season 2 coming soon!) with where we read a book a week and then discuss it. We are all pretty different, so it’s taken me out of my comfort zone and lead me to read books I never would have. One of them was Sadie by Courtney Summers, and it ended up being one of the best books I read in 2019. Another series would be The Raven Cycle, I binged all four books in a week.

[another blog note: YOU HAVE A PODCAST TOO?! *insert screaming emoji*]

In my short time on bookstagram, I’ve grown some pet peeves- do you have any bookstagram pet peeves and if so, what are they?

I’m sure this is one of every bookstagrammer’s pet peeves – it definitely get’s under my skin when people follow you and then unfollow you. Like, it seems like a lot of work to me to be doing that for more followers I assume?

And of course, I do see some hate every once in a while. Can we please just agree to love each other despite our differences? If you don’t have anything nice to say, DON’T SAY IT ON YOUR PUBLIC STORIES FOR EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE.

While obviously there’s some negatives of bookstagram, it’s also an amazing community of people. What is/are your favorite thing(s) about bookstagram?

Again, so many things! I would have never guessed that bookstagram would become such a positive part of my life. I have met some of my BEST friends on this platform! Until bookstgram, I had never really met people who love reading like I do, let alone the same books as I do. It has been such a great experience being able to share what I love with others who love it too. I am able to be a part of a bookclub, a podcast, product collaborations, and a community where books are the focus.

And books aside, these people are genuinely wonderful, kind human beings who have been there for me for the good and the bad.

What advice do you have for bookstagram/store newbies?

Don’t compare yourself to others. Be yourself, don’t let follow count or sales dictate your worth. If you’re doing YOU, then they will come!

I know this is probably an impossible question BUT I’m still going to ask you: (to you), what makes a great book/read?

MAGIC. I’m a big fantasy fem, so anything wild and out of the box draws me in like nothing else. (Also a good romance doesn’t hurt.)

And finally, what are you currently reading?!  

I am currently reading The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell, Obsidio by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, and Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. So far so good on all of them!

Madeline is so ridiculously fun and cool, and I loved getting to know her more in this interview (and I hope you did too!). To continue to learn more about Madeline and all the ridiculously awesome things she does, follow her on bookstagram here, check out her online shop here, listen to her podcast Let’s Talk About Text Baby here, and check out her linktree here to see where else you can find her!

Until next time!

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