International Podcast Day

So it’s International Podcast Day and I low-key love podcasts, so I thought I’d share my favorites in case you need some new ones to listen to! I mostly listen to true crime (yes, I know…I’m a stereotype at this point), but hopefully there’s one in this bunch that you’ll be interested in!

Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad

Okay, I know what you might be thinking….no My Favorite Murder? Well, I used to be a devotee of Karen and Georgia, but I really can’t support them anymore consider their insensitivity and past behavior. One thing I will give them props for: they introduced me to Paul Holes and Billy Jensen, and the Murder Squad.

Jensen & Holes: the Murder Squad is on the Exactly Right Podcast Network (run by Karen and Georgia), and it goes over various unsolved crimes with the hope that listeners might shed a fresh eye on the case and help law enforcement crack it. This type of crowdsourced crimesolving is detailed in Billy’s fantastic book, Chase Darkness With Me, and it’s clear that retired detective Holes and crime journalist Jensen know what it takes to solve the unsolved (I mean, hello, Paul Holes helped to catch the Golden State Killer). I love listening to these two each week!

Missing & Murdered

Missing and Murdered is a CBC (Canada Broadcasting Corporation) podcast hosted by Connie Walker, a Cree investigative journalist, that attempts to find out what happened to missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada. There are no real reliable statistics on the number of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada, but it is clear that indigenous women are more likely to be kidnapped, abused, or murdered than any other group of women. Each season of Missing and Murdered follows a particular case or group of cases, and Connie leaves no stone unturned in trying to bring both justice to victims, but also answers to their friends and family.

Small Town Murder

I got hooked on this one because it was suggested as a listen-alike to My Favorite Murder. Like MFM, Small Town Murder is a true crime comedy podcast; however, unlike MFM, it is meticulously researched and planned by the hosts James and Jimmie. Each week they look into a murder in small towns across America (and even internationally), break down what happened, and also look into the specifics of the town itself. This podcast has a great backlog so if you’re looking for a long listen, Small Town Murder is a best bet!

Someone Knows Something

Speaking of meticulously researched shows, I’d be remiss not to mention Someone Knows Something. Like Missing and Murdered, it is a CBC podcast that follows a case or a set of cases with each season, and it is hosted by filmmaker David Ridgen. Season 3 is one of the most captivating storylines I’ve ever listened to, as David recounts the process of making his award-winning television documentary, Mississippi Cold Case, which chronicles his search for the killer of two African-American boys in 1964: Henry Dee and Charles Moore. With the assistance of Charles Moore’s brother, Thomas, the killer was able to be located and convicted of the murders 40 years after they occurred. This podcast also has an incredible backlog!

Thirst Aid Kit

This podcast is for all my fellow romance fans and fellow thirsters ❤ Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins host this absolute delight, which first premiered on Buzzfeed and was sadly placed on hiatus, but thank GOODNESS it has been picked back up by Slate. In Thirst Aid Kit, Bim and Nichole talk about their favorite thirst objects, aka men they are attracted to, and beg the question: why do we desire who we desire? Added bonus: at the end of each episode, they read little fanfiction drabbles they’ve written about their thirst objects…and they are gooooooooood.

Unhappy Hour

Do you love to complain like I do? Then Unhappy Hour is a PERFECT listen. I’ve loved Matt Bellassai since he stared in the Whine About It video series at Buzzfeed, and Unhappy Hour and his weekly video series To Be Honest are the perfect mix of comedy, trash things in the world, and the thirsting of hot men. Matt is a national treasure who needs to be protected, and if you need a laugh then turn on this podcast ASAP.

Why Won’t You Date Me?

Did I save the best for last? OOOOOH-EEEEE you bet I did! I’ve been obsessed with Nicole Byer since Girl Code and her podcast is an ABSOLUTE gem (in addition to Nailed It! of course)! In Why Won’t You Date Me?, Nicole explores, with the help of a guest star, dating in the modern world- the highs, the lows, and everything in-between. Of course, as the title suggests, they also seek to understand why Nicole is still single by looking at her dating profiles, discussing her recent dating adventures, and getting frank about sex- all wrapped up in incredibly hilarious comedy. I saw a taping of this podcast live and it was a true treat- seriously, listen to this one!

Are you a podcast-listener? If so, share your favorites in the comments below!

Until next time…

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